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Our cellars, one of which dates from 1616, produce all seven types of classic Alsace wines, sparkling crémant since 1975, and since 2015 some new blends and also Pinot Noir, a classic Alsace red wine matured in oak barrels. We have some of the best vineyards in Alsace, located between Jungholtz (Chardonnay), Bergholtz (Grand Cru Spiegel), Orschwihr (Bollenberg, Lippelsberg et Grand Cru Pfingstberg), Westhalten (Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé) et Rouffach (Hohnacker).


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Take a look at the wines we produce and discover our various vintage.

We have 35 acres (16 hectares) of vines divided into 52 parcels with all 7 classic varieties of Alsatian grapes. Our land, stretching from Rouffach to Bergholtz, is perfect for wine growing because of the composition of the earth, its orientation, altitude and slope.

Our wines are typical of our region, with a modern taste but anchored in a long tradition.

We have dry elegan Riesling, fine and tasty Pinot Gris, fruithy and strong Gewürztraminer.

Our wines cover the full range :

- The traditional wines : grapes picked at maturity according to the strict rules apporpriate to each type of grape,

- Wine comin from a particular named plot with a character unique to the site,

- special vintages : Eliane, Elise, wines linked to our family history,

- Exceptional wines : late harvest grapes (Vendanges Tardives), selection of berries with noble rot (grains nobles), frost touches grapes and red wines aged in premium mature oak barrels.

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