Pinot Blanc d'Alsace

The Pinot Blanc pleasantly combines freshness, body and suppleness. The wine of this appellation combines two grape varieties: Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois Blanc.


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Pinot Blanc Hohnacker
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Pinot Blanc Hohnacker

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Wines made from Pinot Blanc combine freshness and suppleness. This variety adapts and balances the dishes. It will suit simple and gourmet cuisines.

Its origin

It is following the Congress of Chalons, in 1896, that this variety was distinguished from Chardonnay. It is the white variety of Pinot Noir. This grape variety can be vinified as a single grape variety or blended with Auxerrois. It is possible to find it in assembly in the Crémants d'Alsace. Thus, it occupies more than 20% of the Alsatian vineyard.

What to pair the Pinot Blanc d'Alsace with ?

Pinot Blanc is the ideal companion for "everyday" dishes. It will go well with a variety of buffets, starters, crudités, quiches, pies and soufflés. It is also suitable for white meats, terrines and cold or hot white meat pâtés. It will also accompany seafood dishes: sushi, shellfish, seafood platters, fish cooked in court-bouillon and in sauce as well as hot oysters. It is the companion of goat cheese and snails.

Oenological analysis of Pinot Blanc from Alsace

To the eye : Clear and limpid yellow color. Beautiful transparency and brightness.

On the nose : Fresh and fruity (white fruits and citrus fruits). Floral bouquet (delicate flowers). Notes of white peach and elderberry. Pinch of wild flowers.

In the mouth : Straight and frank but supple, nice presence. Slight salinity finishing on the fruit. Beautiful expression of the grape variety. Frank wine with mineral notes. Pleasant and delicate finish.

The Hohnacker soil

This grape variety gives excellent aromatic results on a Rouffach terroir. The Hohnacker is a south facing limestone soil. This gives our Pinot Blanc an incredible balance with a developed bouquet.

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